The Levine Law Group is a leader in commercial litigation, collections and general condominium, homeowners’ association and cooperative law.

The Levine Law Group is a full-service community association and commercial litigation law firm serving the legal needs of clients throughout the State of Florida. We advise and assist clients with collections, rule and covenant enforcement, construction defects, casualty and insurance claims, contracts and day to day condominium and homeowners association operations.

In addition, the Firm boasts a satellite office in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, with a dedicated team devoted to the collection needs of condominium, homeowners’ associations and cooperatives. Attorneys at the Levine Law Group’s experience ranges from condominium, homeowners’ association and cooperative representation to vendor and developer work. With over 65 years of collective legal knowledge, the attorneys at the Levine Law Group bring their experience to condominium, homeowners’ associations and cooperatives and other small businesses and individuals.

With offices strategically placed in South Florida, the attorneys at the Levine Law Group are well-positioned to deliver personal attention to service your community, business or individual legal needs, having done so for numerous community associations, management companies, small businesses and individuals.

Mission Statement

With prestigious pedigrees and stellar experience, the attorneys at the Levine Law Group strive to deliver accurate, efficient and effective legal representation to all of our clients, regardless of size or complexity. We believe that experience and maturity count and we aim to provide you the benefit of such in our work product. There simply is no substitution for top-notch training and maturity. We are Your Community Partner.℠