The attorneys in the Foreclosure Department at the Levine Law Group have experience in representing associations in the assessment lien foreclosure process, including, but not limited to, first and second stage letters, settlement agreements, unexpected bankruptcies, as well as the foreclosure process itself.  In addition, attorneys at the Levine Law Group have a considerable wealth of experience in determining, together with the client, what the best strategy is in terms of timing and objectives for the community association involved.  The Levine Law Group prides itself in being well versed in the areas of Florida Statutes, involving condominium, homeowners’ associations and cooperatives, as well as the federal laws concerning The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, which must be strictly adhered to in order to obtain the maximum amount of recovery an association is entitled to.

Unique to the Levine Law Group is our Flex Paysm program which allows for associations to budget for costs concerning collections and foreclosures.  The Flex Paysm program allows an association to pay bills as they are rendered, or an association could defer payment of attorneys’ fees until the “conclusion” of the matter.  “Conclusion” is a defined term that the Association is made aware of in terms of deciding whether or not to take advantage of the Flex Paysm program.  A third option an association could take advantage of is paying a portion of the attorneys’ fees in a month, and deferring the balance to the “conclusion” of the matter.  Under the Flex Paysm program, an association could decide to pay on a monthly basis as it determines whether to pay an assessment collection matter prior to “conclusion”.

In addition, as part of the collections and foreclosures practice, the attorneys at the Levine Law Group are able to assist in obtaining and pursuing rent demands pursuant to Florida Statutes, or obtaining a court order establishing a receivership for the sole purpose of collecting rent from tenants if advisable.   Further, the Firm offers a free, 24 hours, 7 days a week, web-base assessment collection reporting system, where the user is able to access via a protected password a status report updated in real time in order to give as much information to our clients.

We believe that our streamlined program allows maximum involvement and participation with our association clients, as well as clear directive on decision making and budget planning as it relates to the collections and foreclosures areas.  We invite you to contact one of our attorneys should you have any questions.