The law regulates the use of information obtained from swiping driver’s license or identification cards. This law appears to apply to communities that have guard or gate houses that swipe driver’s license information. Driver’s license or identification card information may only be swiped for certain specified reasons, including, but not limited to, verifying the authenticity of the license or identification card. This applies to situations where an association or its agent swipes an individual’s driver’s license or identification card. It may not store or share the information collected, but can collect the information for the purpose of preventing fraud or other criminal activity against the association. An individual may consent to allow the association to swipe an individual’s driver’s license or identification card to collect and store personal information, but must first be informed what information is collected and the purpose for which it will be used. If the individual does not want their information obtained via swipe from the license or identification card, the association may manually collect the personal information from the individual. In any event, an association may not withhold the provision of goods or services solely as a result of the individual requesting the collection of the data by manual means, should this apply in a goods or services scenario. A violation of this section of the law may subject the offender to civil penalty per occurrence.

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