F.S. 718.111(11) contains the insurance-related provisions in the Condominium Statute. The theory of the Statute, which I had the pleasure to assist in the drafting in 2008, is that where the Condominium Statute obligates the association to carry property insurance READ MORE

Homeowners Associations Need to be Aware of the Marketable Record Title Act (“MRTA”)

HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATIONS NEED TO BE AWARE OF THE MARKETABLE RECORD TITLE ACT (“MRTA”) By: Jay Steven Levine, Esquire, Levine Law Group Homeowners who purchase property in homeowners associations are usually aware that there are covenants and restrictions which provide for READ MORE

Jay Steven Levine Nominated For Governor’s Hurricane Conference Corporate Award!

Jay Steven Levine, Esq. of Levine Law Group has been nominated by the International Hurricane Protection Association for the prestigious Governor’s Hurricane Conference Corporate Award. A winner is expected to be announced at the 27thh Annual Governor’s Hurricane Conference on May READ MORE

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