F.S. 718.111(11) contains the insurance-related provisions in the Condominium Statute. The theory of the Statute, which I had the pleasure to assist in the drafting in 2008, is that where the Condominium Statute obligates the association to carry property insurance READ MORE

Are you ready for the 2017 Hurricane Season?

Are you ready for the 2017 Hurricane Season? Are you ready for the 2017 Hurricane Season? Community association clients of the Levine Law Group have questioned why they should be ready for a hurricane season.  The answer is simple.  Even when experts have predicted an inactive season, there READ MORE

Levine Law Group’s 2017 Free Seminar Schedule

Levine Law Group’s 2017 Free Seminar Schedule READ MORE

Homeowners Associations Need to be Aware of the Marketable Record Title Act (“MRTA”)

HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATIONS NEED TO BE AWARE OF THE MARKETABLE RECORD TITLE ACT (“MRTA”) By: Jay Steven Levine, Esquire, Levine Law Group Homeowners who purchase property in homeowners associations are usually aware that there are covenants and restrictions which provide for READ MORE

Fining Committee Members- Are You Insured?

FINING COMMITTEE MEMBERS – ARE YOU INSURED? Every Association should obtain liability insurance for its directors and officers. This insurance covers not only directors and officers but also, in many cases, the Association for actions undertaken by its directors and READ MORE

Legal Tidbits: April 2015

Consumer Protection: Florida Identity Theft Law A new consumer protection law enacted in 2014 by the Florida State Legislature requires that each covered entity, governmental entity and third party agent take reasonable measures to protect and secure data in an READ MORE

Legal Tidbits: March 2015

The law regulates the use of information obtained from swiping driver’s license or identification cards. This law appears to apply to communities that have guard or gate houses that swipe driver’s license information. Driver’s license or identification card information may READ MORE

Legal Tidbits: February 2015

Did you know that the Florida legislature created Section 720.316, F.S. granting Homeowners’ Associations express emergency powers of homeowners’ associations, effective July 1, 2014? To the extent allowed by law, unless specifically prohibited by the governing documents, and consistent with READ MORE

Announcing Our New Firm Name

We are excited to announce that the Jay Steven Levine Law Group is now the Levine Law Group. While the Firm name and logo may have changed, we continue to be Your Community Partner.℠ Levine Law Group is a full-service READ MORE

Northern Palm Beach Homeowners’ and Condominium Association Insurance Symposium

This Free Complimentary Event will provide property managers, cooperatives, homeowners’ and condominium association board members and officers with information necessary to understand association insurance obligations, reconstruction, access, insurance claims and administration of insurance funds, among other insurance issues including understanding READ MORE